To Install Standard ML for New Jersey on Ubuntu

On the Coursera course “Programming Language,", Standard ML is used as the first education material. But how to install SML on Ubuntu? I show my walk-through.

Step 1, I went on the page and download config.tgz. In the package, there are two directory, one named as “config" and the other one as “."

Step 2, I extracted the directory “config" in the package and put it into the SML/NJ base, which I would like it to be ~/work/sml.

Step 3, I went to ~/work/sml and type a command in console: sh config/, then it downloads some packages and build. Note that after the first build you move the whole folder to another location, you have to run the install step (step 3 above) again.

Step 4, to start SML/NJ on emacs, I put “~/work/sml/bin/sml" as the ML command in emacs sml-mode.

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