Connecting MacBook Pro to Wireless Network via D-Link DI-524

A quick conclusion: remove DI-524 and use new wireless network router, because of wireless protocol update.

I has a MacBook Pro with retina display recently. Then I could not connect MBP to the wireless network in my home, but I got message of “connection timeout" (連限逾時) in the network login form.

In my home, I used D-Link DI-524. It includes several options of wireless mode, including WPA, WPA2(AES), WPA/WPA2 hybrid, and ‘Nope’. I tried every options, but, even if no need of password authentication, my MBP did not connect to internet.

Rumors in web said that it may be resolved by using some setting in OSX, such as using Security Level ‘Any’ and your wireless network password. I tried in the DI-524, but in vain.

Then I browsed some information that the old D-Link device may not support the new 802.11n protocol.

Finally I replaced the wireless network router with a new one, DIR-605L, and it works.

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